Tip-allowance could be a prevalent practice, but as an employer managing your employees’ tip wages could be tricky, but not anymore! TipMeOut is now here to make the process of tipping as convenient as it can get. It simply eliminates the major inconvenience of cash-management and the need of having enough money in the register, and lets merchants like you to pay the tips directly to your employee's Elite Member Prepaid Visa® card!

With TipMeOut, you as an employer can electronically deposit all employee wages and tips via the user-friendly client portal. It not just ensures compliance with federal tip laws but also provides you with Visa® Zero Liability protection. You can easily create, monitor and analyze every step of the tip management process through fully-integrated reporting system which is highly efficient. While reviewing and generating automated TRAC/TRDA reports is seamless and effortless, it also lets you save precious dollars and time spent on printing paper checks. All this with full-service customer support makes TipMeOut the ideal tipping solution for both employers and employees!

For more details: http://www.tipmeout.com/