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Does my company need a Program Manager to issue prepaid debit cards to our customers?

One of the biggest challenges companies face in launching a turnkey, secure, profitable prepaid debit card program, is bringing together the industry work and resources required to do so. Today, a company must work with an issuing bank, a card processor and a network association (like Visa) in order to issue prepaid debit cards to its customers. Additionally, companies need to be aware of state and federal governing agencies regulating prepaid debit card issuances and investigate card issuers. Simply issuing cards, especially for small and mid-sized companies has become a confusing maze of requirements that can seem exhaustive to take on.

However, with an estimated $500 billion to be loaded on to prepaid debit cards this year alone, and only 5% market penetration, can companies afford not to offer prepaid debit card products to their customers? Orbis Cards recognizes that companies may not have the time, resources or industry expertise to pool all of the necessary partners and resources required to go to market with a credible prepaid debit card program.

This is precisely why Orbis Cards has aligned itself with leaders across the industry, giving our clients the best in bundled, end-to-end, customized prepaid debit card solutions. Orbis Cards complements its partner list with the most proficient dedicated Account Managers who interface with our clients from the origin of program development, during implementation and thereafter, providing program data and analytics for continuous program improvement throughout the life of the program. Additionally, our Account Managers and in-turn our clients, are armed with a dynamic, flexible technical team using the most advanced tools and platform to deliver industry leading data and reporting, security, fraud-monitoring/protection and accuracy. Our compliance and regulatory personnel are also heavily integrated in each program, providing oversight to maintain compliance up to and beyond the latest industry standards.

By bringing all of these resources together, the industry experts at Orbis Cards offer your company a one-stop shop for your customized, turnkey prepaid debit card programs.