GPR Prepaid Debit Cards

Consumer-funded Prepaid Debit Cards, commonly referred to as General Purpose Reloadable (or GPR), have become huge magnets for low-income and under-banked individuals and families.

Granting access to the world of plastic, GPR cards have become the most common prepaid debit cards in the United States, as traditional banking tools have become too confusing and expensive, often requiring intimidating enrollments and rules.

While banks are offering fewer products that help control the managing of one’s funds, GPR cards are simple products that customers can load multiple times with cash or direct deposit.

Consumer Benefits

  • No credit check or bank account required
  • Easy access to plastic
  • Personalized, embossed card with customer name
  • Accepted everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted
  • Shop online, pay bills, get cash at ATMs
  • No overdraft fees, no penalty charges and no minimum balance
  • Avoid check cashing lines and fees
  • Often cash rebates offered for using Direct Deposit
  • Simple fee structure that cardholder can understand
  • Safer than cash – often FDIC insured
  • Reloadable at over 60,000 locations
  • Allows for money transfers to family and friends
  • Access to balance alerts and financial tools

Company Benefits

  • Introduce a new revenue channel into your business with a fee-based GPR card offering
  • Cardholders will be reminded of your brand every time they use their card
  • Bolster existing company product/service sales by coupling promotions with prepaid card programs
  • Drive spending to your registers - prepaid debit cards are often spent most heavily with the brand on the card
  • Due to increased foot traffic, incremental sales become a bi-product of the program
  • No cashier training or hardware enhancements are required to begin accepting cards