Payroll Card Basics

A reloadable Visa Prepaid Debit Card is a cost-effective and more convenient alternative to traditional payroll checks.

About Payless Card Solutions Prepaid Debit Card Payroll Programs

The prepaid payroll card is easy to start at your business and provides a convenient, economic alternative for paying employees versus traditional paper checks. Employees appreciate the simplicity of getting paid electronically and your management will embrace the savings. Stop paying more for printing and processing paper checks.

Reduce payroll costs

In addition to eliminating check printing and processing your business can completely do away with expensive out-of-cycle checks and charges for reissued lost/stolen checks. Moreover, in over half of the 50 states companies can totally eliminate paper paychecks by giving employees an option of receiving pay by direct deposit or on a payroll card. Click here to find out if your state supports e-pay adoption.

Fast, Reliable, Efficient and Secure

Prepaid Debit Card payroll programs makes direct deposit available to all employees; not just those who have a checking account as traditionally the case, but now extended to include employees who do not have a personal checking account. With payments executed electronically, pay is initiated on time and not subject to conventional obstacles that can hamper traditional paper check processing or mailings

Employees Love the Convenience and Free and Clear Access

Grant your employees faster access to their income, improved control over finances, the ability to use their card wherever Visa debit cards are accepted and the peace of mind that their funds are secure, protected, and FDIC insured. Pay is instantly added to their card just like traditional direct deposit. No bank account is necessary. No check cashing is required. No money order fees. No waiting in line.

Just Free and Clear Access to use their card for purchases without fees, wherever Visa debit cards are accepted in the United States.